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“Would just like to say that I am more than happy with my new insoles and I wear them constantly, including in my house slippers.” 




I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for about 3 years.  The pain in my feet was so bad that in the morning I would be literally holding onto the bed to try and ease the pain.  It felt like I was walking on the bones in my feet.  I also had almost constant pain in my back and neck.  Over the 3 years I tried a number of different insoles and visited a podiatrist.  All to no avail.  I live and work on a farm and so spend hours each day on my feet so to be uncomfortable for most of my waking hours had a major impact.  I was referred to Alan via a friend and he very kindly came and did a home visit.  He was thorough and really took the time to explain what was happening with my feet and the impact that was having on my back.  He recommended some different insoles and some exercises and I can honestly say the difference has been amazing.  My feet rarely hurt now and my back pain is hugely reduced and only occasional.  Can’t recommend the guy highly enough!” 


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